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Dressage Rotorua Spectacular
- Two Days

12th & 13th September 2020


Reyna Equestrian Mini ODE Series.

11th July 2020 

Photos to be removed 28.9.2020

Taupo Dressage Accumulator Ribbon Day two.

19th July 2020

Photos to be removed 5.10.2020

Bennett's & Rangatira E Trust Station
Final Day.

29th July 2020
1st August 2020

Photos to be removed 12.10.2020

Waikato & B.O.P. Show Hunter
Group.   Sunday Showing Show.

2nd August 2020

2 Unidentified Photos

Final Reyna Mini ODE

15th August 2020

2 Group Photo

KiwiSpan Taupo Dressage Day.

30th August 2020

Reyna Equestrian Spring Horse Trials - Taupo

4th - 6th September 2020

2 Unidentified photos from the 80cm XC.
Where I was taking photos, the numbers were hard to read.


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